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51. David Griffin

Actor | Keeping Up Appearances

David Griffin was born on July 19, 1943 in Richmond, Surrey, England. He is an actor, known for Keeping Up Appearances (1990), Battle of Britain (1969) and The Song of Songs (1973).

52. Rike Schmid

Actress | Don 2

Rike Schmid was born on July 19, 1979 in Hannover, Germany. She is an actress, known for Don 2 (2011), Heavyweights (2006) and Rote Rosen (2006).

53. Martti Suosalo

Actor | Rentun ruusu

Martti Suosalo was born on July 19, 1962 in Oulu, Finland as Martti Juhani Suosalo. He is an actor, known for The Rose of the Rascal (2001), The Swan and the Wanderer (1999) and The Mercenary Soldier (1997). He is married to Virpi Suutari. They have two children.

54. Chiara Zanni

Actress | Valley of the Boom

Chiara Zanni was born on July 19, 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is an actress, known for Valley of the Boom (2019), Good Luck Chuck (2007) and X2: X-Men United (2003).

55. Shane Dawson

Actor | Friends 4ever

Shane Dawson is a young actor from California who started out making videos on YouTube for hobby and eventually became one of the biggest stars of the popular video website. His main videos, small sketches and parodies of popular songs, are seen by millions of people and the most recurrent ...

56. Martin Stephens

Actor | Village of the Damned

Martin Stephens was the most popular child actor in Britain during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Having lost interest in acting as he became an adult, he moved to Belfast in 1968, where he studied architecture at Queen's University, Belfast. He later returned to England, where he pursued his new ...

57. Daniel Zacapa

Actor | The River

Honduran-born Daniel Zacapa has established himself as one of the most effective character actors working. His varied and diverse film roles include Se7en (1995), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), 'The Mexican', 'The Gene Generation', and 'Phenomenon', sharing the screen with such actors as '...

58. Isabel Jewell

Actress | Gone with the Wind

Isabel Jewell, like other actresses in Hollywood in the 1930s, suffered from chronic typecasting. The diminutive, platinum-haired daughter of a doctor and medical researcher seemed to be forever playing hard-boiled, tough-talking broads: gangster's molls, dumb blondes, prostitutes and, of course, ...

59. Trai Byers

Actor | Empire

Trai Byers was born on July 19, 1983 in Kansas City, Kansas, USA. He is an actor, known for Empire (2015), Selma (2014) and The 24th. He has been married to Grace Byers since April 14, 2016.

60. Rosemary Dexter

Actress | Romeo e Giulietta

Rosemary Dexter was born on July 19, 1944 in Quetta, Pakistan. She was an actress, known for Romeo e Giulietta (1964), Eye in the Labyrinth (1972) and Vendetta for the Saint (1969). She died on September 8, 2010 in Recanati, Marche, Italy.

61. Chris Kratt

Writer | Wild Kratts

Chris Kratt graduated from Carleton College, Minnesota in 1992 with a B.A. in Biology. In 1990 Chris was the recipient of a prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship for study abroad. Chris is a founder of Kratt Brothers' Creature Heroes, a nonprofit society dedicated to enabling children to help the...

62. Reuben Langdon

Actor | I Am Number Four

Reuben Langdon is a Los Angeles/Tokyo-based Actor/Film Maker/Truth Seeker

At a young age Reuben began his career in Japan as a series regular acting in the Japanese superhero TV series B- Fighter Kabuto. He later relocated to Hong Kong to work alongside the most recognizable names in action, ...

63. Sergio Martino

Director | Vendetta dal futuro

Talented, prolific and versatile writer/director Sergio Martino has made a vast array of often solid and enjoyable films in such diverse genres as horror, comedy, Western and science-fiction in a career that spans over 40 years.

Martino was born on July 19, 1938, in Rome, Italy. His grandfather was ...

64. Adam Nee

Actor | Band of Robbers

Adam Nee was born on July 19, 1981 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA as Adam Taylor Nee. He is an actor and director, known for Band of Robbers (2015), Masters of the Universe (2021) and The Last Romantic (2006). He has been married to Allison Miller since April 14, 2012.

65. Luigi Pistilli

Actor | Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

Luisi Pistilli's most notable stage successes were roles in "The Threepenny Opera", "St. Joan of the Stockyards" and a 1972 production, "Lulu". In 1991 he reprised his role in "Lulu" in the first professional collaboration with actress-singer Milva, his partner in previous plays as well as in a ...

66. Jeannie Tirado

Actress | Shingeki no kyojin

Jeannie Tirado was born on July 19, 1990 in Orlando, Florida, USA as Jeannie Diane Tirado. She is known for her work on Attack on Titan: Part 1 (2015), Dragon Ball Super (2015) and The Promised Neverland (2019).

67. Juano Hernandez

Actor | Kiss Me Deadly

He was the son of a Puerto Rican seaman. He was self-educated and spent much of his childhood in Brazil singing on the streets to raise money for food. He became an actor after having been a circus performer, radio actor, and vaudeville performer. He worked in the chorus of the 1927 stage ...

68. Dolores Fonzi

Actress | Truman

Born in July 19th, 1978, Dolores María Fonzi is the eldest sister of the Fonzi family. She started working as a model in lots of agencies and was the face of lots of pictures. In 1998 she officially started her acting career in Endless Summer (1998), as Clara Vázquez, with her own brother Tomás ...

69. Elizabeth Kaitan

Actress | Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Elizabeth Kaitan was born on July 19, 1960 in Hungary. She was brought to New York City by her mother at the age of eight.

Kaitan moved to Manhattan at age 18 in order to fulfill her lifelong ambition of being an actress in motion pictures. She studied her craft at the New York Academy of Theatrical...

70. Ciara Baxendale

Actress | My Mad Fat Diary

Ciara Baxendale was born on July 19, 1995 in Bury, Lancashire, England as Ciara Jane Baxendale. She is an actress, known for My Mad Fat Diary (2013), DCI Banks (2010) and Four Weddings and a Funeral (2019).

71. Hideo Nakata

Director | Honogurai mizu no soko kara

Hideo Nakata was born on July 19, 1961 in Okayama, Japan. He is a director and writer, known for Dark Water (2002), Ringu (1998) and Ringu 2 (1999).

72. Andrea Bræin Hovig

Actress | Som du ser meg

Andrea Bræin Hovig was born on July 19, 1973 in Norway. She is an actress, known for I Belong (2012), An Affair (2018) and I'm the One You Want (2014).

73. Arron Shiver

Actor | Boardwalk Empire

Arron Shiver was born on July 19, 1977 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Boardwalk Empire (2010), The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) and 3:10 to Yuma (2007).

74. Zachary David Cope

Actor | Stir of Echoes

Zachary David Cope was born on July 19, 1994 in San Bernardino, California, USA as Zachary David Donald Cope. He is an actor, known for Stir of Echoes (1999).

75. Sam Boxleitner

Actor | The Badger Game

Sam Boxleitner was born in Los Angeles, California, into a show business family. He had dreams of following the family trade from an early age. His parents are actors Bruce Boxleitner and Kathryn Holcomb Ogilvy, and actor Ian Ogilvy is his step-father. His brother Lee Boxleitner, half-brother ...

76. Tudi Roche

Actress | City of Angels

Tudi Roche was born on July 19, 1955 in Lubbock County, Texas, USA as Tudi Jean Roach. She is an actress, known for City of Angels (1998), Pursuit of Happiness (2001) and Home Improvement (1991). She has been married to Richard Karn since 1985. They have one child. She was previously married to ...

77. Norman Howell

Stunts | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When Norman Howell was fourteen years old his rodeo career landed him an acting part in the 1971 film The Cowboys. He was taught how to throw his first movie punch by the legendary John Wayne, who along with Yakima Canutt, were the innovators of the modern movie fight. This planted the seed that ...

78. R.J. Williams

Producer | Young Hollywood

Born and raised in Southern California, RJ Williams is the Founder and CEO of the media company Young Hollywood, operating an international network of digital channels, a fully integrated studio, and an in-house creative services agency. Started in 2007 by Williams, Young Hollywood has rapidly ...

79. Evanne Friedmann

Actress | Lara

Evanne Friedmann was born on July 19, 1993 in La Cañada Flintridge, California, USA as Evanne Elizabeth Friedmann. She is an actress, known for Lara (2018), Awkward. (2011) and Greenlight.

80. Marcela Valladolid

Self | The Kitchen

Marcela Valladolid Rodriguez was born in San Diego, California, to Antonio Valladolid a corporate attorney and a successful businessman in Tijuana, Baja California and to her mother, whom is the daughter of a successful Tijuana entrepreneur.

Marcela has an older brother named Antonio and an older ...

81. Alessandra de Rossi

Actress | Through Night and Day

Alessandra de Rossi was born on July 19, 1984 in England as Alessandra Schiavone de Rossi. She is an actress, known for Through Night and Day (2018), Bambanti (2015) and 12 (2017).

82. Gennifer Hutchison

Writer | Breaking Bad

Gennifer Hutchison was born on July 19, 1977 in Concord, Massachusetts, USA. She is known for her work on Breaking Bad (2008), Better Call Saul (2015) and The Strain (2014).

83. Peter Birrel

Actor | Doctor Who

Peter Birrel married actress Stephanie Cole only a few years before he died. They appeared together in a play early in both of their careers and met up by chance some 40 or so years later. Peter is widely celebrated for his role as the Draconian Prince in _"Frontier in Space" {Doctor Who(#10.9)}"_ ...

84. Dal McKennon

Actor | Lady and the Tramp

Dal McKennon was born on July 19, 1919 in La Grande, Oregon, USA as Raymond Dallas McKennon Jr. He was an actor, known for Lady and the Tramp (1955), Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) and Gumby: The Movie (1995). He was married to Betty Warner. He died on July 14, 2009 in Raymond, Washington, USA.

85. Yaël Abecassis

Actress | Shabatot VeHagim

Yaël Abecassis was born on July 19, 1967 in Ashkelon, Israel. She is an actress and producer, known for Shabatot VeHagim (1999), Prisoners of War (2009) and Kadosh (1999). She is married to Roni Duek. They have one child. She was previously married to Lior Miller.

86. Ginifer King

Actress | Confessions of a Shopaholic

Ginifer King was born on July 19, 1978 in Texas, USA. She is an actress, known for Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009), Flashforward (2009) and The Thundermans (2013).

87. Matthew Crawley

Super 8

Matthew James Crawley was born on July 19, 1982, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He is the son of Norma Crawley, a social worker, and Bill Crawley, a tire factory worker. Matthew is the second of their two children. His ancestry is English, Irish, and Scottish. Matthew attended the University of ...

88. Dan Hicks

Actor | Darkman

Dan Hicks was born on July 19, 1951 in Pontiac, Michigan, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Darkman (1990), Evil Dead II (1987) and Intruder (1989).

89. Göran Stangertz

Actor | Spring för livet

Göran Stangertz was born on July 19, 1944 in Flen, Södermanlands län, Sweden. He was an actor and director, known for Run for Your Life (1997), The Last Adventure (1974) and The Eye (1998). He was married to Kajsa Ernst, Jeanette Nevrin and Nina Gunke. He died on October 27, 2012 in Helsingborg, ...

90. Adrian Noble

Director | Mrs Lowry & Son

Adrian Noble was born on July 19, 1950 as Adrian Keith Noble. He is known for his work on Mrs Lowry & Son (2019), A Midsummer Night's Dream (1996) and The Importance of Being Earnest (2015). He has been married to Joanne Pearce since June 1991. They have two children.

91. Suzanne De Passe

Producer | Lonesome Dove

Suzanne De Passe was born on July 19, 1946 in the USA as Suzanne Celeste DePasse. She is a producer and writer, known for Lonesome Dove (1989), Lady Sings the Blues (1972) and Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983).

92. Helen Skelton

Self | The Boat Race

Helen Skelton was born on July 19, 1983 in Kirkby Thore, Cumbria, England as Helen Elizabeth Skelton. She is an actress, known for The Boat Race (1938), FA Cup's 50 Greatest Moments (2014) and Commonwealth Games (1954). She has been married to Richie Myler since December 22, 2013. They have two ...

93. Simon Cadell

Actor | Watership Down

Simon Cadell was born on July 19, 1950 in Marylebone, London, England as Simon John Cadell. He was an actor, known for Watership Down (1978), Enemy at the Door (1978) and Play for Today (1970). He was married to Rebecca Croft. He died on March 6, 1996 in Westminster, London.

94. Helen Gallagher

Actress | Ryan's Hope

Helen Gallagher was born on July 19, 1926 in New York City, New York, USA. She is an actress, known for Ryan's Hope (1975), Strangers When We Meet (1960) and Law & Order (1990). She was previously married to Frank Wise.

95. Patricia Ja Lee

Actress | Biohazard 5

She enjoys snow-boarding, reading, eating veggie-burgers, drinking smoothies, hanging out with her friends, acting, and making creative works such as beading jewelry, painting, writing poetry, sewing funky dresses, and photographing interesting images. Her heritage is Korean, and she speaks some ...

96. Viktor Kossakovsky

Director | Sreda

Documentary film director. Born on July 19, 1961 in Leningrad. Since 1978 he worked at the Leningrad studio of Documentaries as assistant cameraman, assistant director and editor. In 1988 he finished the Higher Courses of Film Writers and Directors in Moscow. Laureate of the "Triumph" Prize, ...

97. Lou Krugman

Actor | Not for Hire

Lou Krugman was born on July 19, 1914 in Passaic, New Jersey, USA. He was an actor, known for Not for Hire (1959), The Wild Wild West (1965) and Irma la Douce (1963). He was married to Grace W. Cahill. He died on August 8, 1992 in Burbank, California, USA.

98. Vikki Carr

Soundtrack | Moonstruck

Vikki Carr is one of the best-loved and most accomplished entertainers in the United States, Latin America and Europe. She is celebrating her fifth decade of a career in which she has won four Grammy Awards and has released over 60 best-selling recordings. Her concert tours of 2006-2007 sold out ...

99. Max Fleischer

Producer | The Tantalizing Fly

Max Fleischer was born on July 19, 1883 in Krakau, Galicia, Austria-Hungary. He is known for his work on The Tantalizing Fly (1919), Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor (1936) and The Ouija Board (1920). He was married to Essie Goldstein. He died on September 11, 1972 in Los Angeles, ...

100. Robert Woods

Actor | 7 pistole per i MacGregor

Robert Woods was born on July 19, 1936 in Colorado, USA. He is an actor and executive, known for Seven Guns for the MacGregors (1966), 2 once di piombo (1966) and Black Jack (1968).

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