Murder, She Wrote: Town Father (1989)
Season 6, Episode 11
A dirty election in Cabot Cove
18 September 2019
The gossip among the denizens of Cabot Cove's beauty parlor is got some juicy items to discuss. Lee Purcell has arrived in town claiming that Mayor Richard Paul is the father of her two kids out in Wyoming. This is when Basil Hoffman is running against him for mayor. The issues are some zoning changes and some outside folks are backing Hoffman. Julia Adams Cabot Cove's real estate broker has also tossed her hat in the ring. Some want Angela Lansbury to run as she's the most well known figure from town. Even William Windom was asked.

Then Purcell is murdered and the blackmail scheme against Paul falls apart.

It's rather obvious who is behind all this, but I think it was silly to have Ron Masak and Angela Lansbury spending a lot time tracking down beauty parlor gossip.

Not one of the better MSW episodes.
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