Sudden Death (1995)
One of the best 90s Van Damme flick
7 September 2019
Since one of my favorite action star of this generation, Michael Jai White want to make an unofficial sequel to a 90s Die Hard scenario movie called Sudden Death staring the great Jean Claude Van Damme so naturally as a fan of Van Damme and all the Die Hard clone movies no matter how bad or low budget they are I'm quite excited to finally watch this movie for the first time ever and although its not quite awesome like I anticipated it still quite a treat tbh. Because there nothing original in this movie except the hockey stadium setting so all of my attention is on how good Van Damme carry this movie and needless to say, he does that pretty well with many unique ways to kill the bad guys especially the hilarious and definitely in my top 10 favorite Van Damme action sequences where he battles a villain in a mascot costume.
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