Mindhunter: Episode #2.5 (2019)
Season 2, Episode 5
helter skelter
18 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
So everything feels pretty chaotic right now especially for Bill, and now Holden is in hot water because of what he presented to the mayor concerning his theory of there being a black predator on the loose which didn't get well received obviously, but the bright side of all this is that Wendy has found a nice, emotionally well-adjusted partner, and so that's reassuring and comforting.

It was so weird looking back on all the details of the crime scenes that the Manson family created considering Manson is dead now, it's just all so surreal and strange knowing that he was alive not long ago, and now we have just reignited our interest in him all so suddenly knowing he will never even know that his name is being spoken of by thousands of people again. It's obviously just really fun to get into the nitty gritty details of Manson's grand ideas and theories no matter how absolutely insane they were. Manson really was mythologised as Kemper said, and for what reason really?, because he never actually killed anybody which makes him all the more fascinating personally.

There was so much build-up leading up to them actually being face-to-face with Manson, with the screams of the inmates to the loud clanging of the prison doors to the winding cameras and the creeping background music and sound effects, it all got more and more intense up until the very moment we see Manson, and I cannot stress enough how speechless I was when I saw him, like it was unbelievable. It was as if I was watching a documentary I mean I was completely devoured by Damon Herriman's performance I mean he completely nailed Manson, completely. I feel like he needs to be nominated for an Emmy for his performance, that would honestly not shock me at all. I mean even Holden was giddy and excited and flustered when he first saw Manson, as if he was meeting his teen idol or something I mean I got that feeling, and it was so disarming because it made me realise that Manson holds so much power even now.

Manson was really getting under Bill's skin, slowly creeping into his mind like a parasitic worm whilst Bill tried to maintain some sort of superiority over him, and once he started cracking, he absolutely blew up and fled. It's clear that Manson just doesn't care, he's restless and unpredictable, and so when you try and talk to someone like that, it can be hard to grab them and really sit them down and get clear-cut answers out of them. That scene was fantastic, it really felt monumental and there really isn't any other way to glorify it. I must say that Damon's depiction of Manson deserves just as much or if not more praise as Cameron Britton's depiction of Kemper. It's really hard to tell whether Manson was actually insane or not, or was just messing around with everybody, not really caring about telling people what actually went down as we see that Tex tells a completely different story from Manson.

That scene with Wendy made me feel so uncomfortable, I really wasn't expecting for Ted to be such a creep in that scene, I mean talk about unsolicited and inappropriate physical contact; and then to top it all of, we have some dude talking to Wendy delivering the most backhanded compliment ever whilst being an absolute idiot, implying that "something so formfitting" has no place doing such captivating work involving murderers and serial killers. Really rubbed me the wrong way that one, and I felt so sorry for Wendy, I can't even imagine having to deal with the constant roadblocks of being a woman within such a male-populated field in the 1970's of all times. When I saw that Bill had turned their interviews into ballroom banter it honestly upset me because I know he's doing it to spark their interest but it doesn't negate the fact that he is making his work look like some kind of joke that people can laugh at and joke about. When Holden tried his approach with the suits he immediately lost them and so I see what Bill was doing, however I have more respect for Holden now because he isn't willing to turn his discoveries into entertaining gossip or compelling office chitchat. It was nice to see a tender moment between Bill and Wendy, I feel like I haven't seen one of those in a minute. We get to see a glimpse (and then a full shot) of what Manson wrote in Holden's copy of the Helter Skelter novel and it basically read "each night as you sleep I destroy the world" which are very comforting words obviously. Overall this was a great, great episode. Best one by far so far.
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