No Surrender (2018)
If you looking for a full-fledged action movie starring Scott Adkins then you come to the wrong place
11 August 2019
It is no surprise that many reviewers here on IMDb hate Karmouz War (2018) an Egyptian action movie despite the above-average score 6.3 when it got a big Scott Adkins face on it and the tag-line "One Man vs One Army" only make his fan and other people believe he the main star of the movie when it actually the opposite of all that. Because Karmouz War is my first Egypt movie so my expectation with it already very low and I'm glad that it turns out I enjoy this one quite a bit even when the screen time Scott Adkin got is less than 10 minutes. The writing of the characters to be honest kinda suck when none of the main cast beside Youssef (the actual main character) caught my eyes to make me care about them when bad stuff about to hit the fan.
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