Want to see an R-rated Power Ranger episode while you too lazy to go out and search for Super Sentai and Kemen Rider ? Watch Guyver: Dark Hero
10 August 2019
Guyver: Dark Hero a superhero movie where people in rubber suit fight each other in a brutal fashion way is the sequel to the first ever American anime live-action movie Guyver (1991) that many people hate for how silly and PG-13 it is while the source material is super violent and gory so naturally the right direction for the movie is to up the rating into R-rated and get the right people to play the characters and thankfully Guyver: Dark Hero got both of that on lock. You can tell that the movie is on budget when the whole movie looks very made for tv and the practical effects on the monster and the Guyver suit being kept to a minimum but it still shows a great deal of passion behind it with the spaceship set-piece and the consistency of the mature-theme. The main problem of the movie for me is the runtime because for a movie with a description like an R-rated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers installment 2hrs long runtime is a bit too much
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