This movie is ALREADY DEAD from the moment it got green lit
25 July 2019
I don't know what kind of thought going through the director Tony Randel and the writter brain when they decided to turn the ultra-violent manga Fist of the North Star into live-action form when they got no balls to pull off a faithful movie that lives up to the over the top and gory status of the manga because this so-called Fist of the North Star (1995) is a straight-up insulted to the fan of the series in every way possible. The story and characters are so dumb down to a point that the only thing that connects this movie to the source material is the name of the characters and trust me when I say the first vol is the easiest one to adapt. Gary Daniels as Kenshiro and Costas Mandylor as Shin are actually not a bad choice in my opinion when they got both the look and the talent to pull off the character but because the script is so bad it ends up ruined all the redeeming qualities left in the movie. Hokuto Shin-ken the famous deadly martial art that hit the vital points of the human body to destroy it from the inside use by Kenshiro look like your typical martial art movie fight and I know that you can't have head explode scene after head explode scene every time Kenshiro touch his opponent but to see only two and both been cut-away before the explosion is very frustrating, to be honest. Wach Story of Ricky (1991) if you want to see how a true ultra-violent manga adaptation live-action movie works
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