Love it or hate it you gotta admit that RZA know his stuff
23 July 2019
A gory grindhouse martial art throwback to the 80s epic like The Man with the Iron Fists on paper sounds like something me and action fan would die for if it anything like Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill but reality don't usually work like that so we stuck with this cringe to the max attempt at doing a martial art movie from RZA and Eli Roth. Upon the first watch, I find this movie to be a total waste of talent and money when we got a diverse cast from both from East to West with colorful costume and set to be one hell of a bloody feast but because the script and acting suck major ass this movie left me speechless with disappointment aside from some cool scenes and nods to old school Shaw Bros flicks . When I rewatch it yesterday the movie does get a bit better when I shut down my judgmental brain fully embrace this movie for what is it: "A TRY TOO HARD TO BE ASIAN MOVIE FROM THE WEST". RZA got my respect for how much of a fanboy he is to what he loves and that passion he brings to this movie is undeniable but it still not enough to save this movie. If you guys really want to see The Man with the Iron Fists done right then I highly recommend the martial art tv-series "Into the Badlands" starring Daniel Wu and a production team that actually give a damn about what they are doing.
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