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Euphoria (2019– )
Real on so many levels
19 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I think most reviews totally missed the real intriguing aspect of Euphoria. It's a drug induced trip through 21st Century older teens. Jules is definitely the biggest character. A trans teenager, played wonderfully by Hunter Schafer (Who's a trans Model and LGBT activist) And I think it was so subtle that many people missed it; from her hooking up with an older man from Grindr who's in to domination of trans women and effeminate gay guys to her laying with Zendaya at the end with a bulge in her panties. Clearly some bisexuality is going to be explored. Add in the drug rehab culture, which I'm thinking people writing these reviews must not know much about it because Zendaya is dead on what it's like to be an addict. Finally, you can tell people are full of it saying how it's rehashing of Kids and Skins, it's from an Israeli show called "Euphoria"
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