Spacey's directorial debut is exciting
17 December 2018
Albino Alligator, the directorial debut of 1996's Best Supporting Oscar winner, Kevin Spacey, is a cagey, claustrophobic noir thriller highlighted by a few clever plot twists, some nicely- honed dialogue, and a half-dozen top-notch performances. Many will doubtless compare this movie to Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, but, while there are similarities in plot, intent, and style, Albino Alligator is a more intimate film. If not for the car chase that opens the movie and sets up everything that follows, this could easily be mistaken for the screen adaptation of a play. In an era when Tarantino-flavored crime thrillers are becoming more commonplace, Albino Alligator manages to distinguish itself. For the most part, Christian Forte's script is smart, even if the characters aren't, and Spacey's direction is sure-handed. There's something darkly delightful about watching a movie like this, which, despite occasionally falling back on formulaic conventions, still manages to surprise its audience from time-to-time.
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