Terminal (I) (2018)
A visually resplendant modern noir, which is lacking in the story department
1 July 2018
A crime-lord, two gangsters, a dying school-teacher, a waitress and a janitor are the characters who operate in and around a train terminal in the dead of night. Their stories inter-connect in unexpected ways.

I guess I was a little bit disappointed with this one in truth, as I expected quite a lot from it. The set-up was very minimalistic and the story was told in a fairly unengaging manner, with the characters not drawing us in as much as I would have wished. It doesn't have a bad cast in fairness. Margot Robbie is always great and she is once again good value as a femme fatale and looks fantastic (of course). While Simon Pegg is another actor I like and he does the best he can with what he is given. Mike Myers is also notable here too in an odd role. But, overall, the story wasn't the strong point here at all and ultimately let the film down somewhat. But what it does have in spades is great visual style. The lighting and colour schemes were quite beautiful and certainly make up for the deficiencies in other areas, at least to some extent. It is an example of a neo-noir, with characters and settings which fit the bill. Without a doubt, this is an example of style over content, which is not something I have a problem with and do enjoy the pure cinema elements of this one. I just wish that the story had been a bit more engaging though.
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