Marrowbone (2017)
Impressive psychological gothic drama
1 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A mother and three children flee an abusive patriarch and move to a remote rural home. While there, strange events begin to occur while dark secrets seem to hover in the background.

This gothic film is one which I felt improved as it went on. By the finale, once the twist ending had slotted into place, it made you reconsider what you had just seen and realise that the fabric of the narrative was more complex and layered than previously realised. It later becomes apparent that the narrative is very fragmented and that the story is in a large part one from the perspective of the unreliable narrator. I like movies like this, which can be regarded as puzzles, with pieces not yet in place, or completely missing. Consequently, The Secret of Marrowbone is a very worthwhile film if you appreciate this kind of thing too.
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