Gotham: A Dark Knight: One Bad Day (2018)
Season 4, Episode 21
FOX, what are you waiting for?
11 May 2018
I'm out of words. For real. It's so difficult to talk about this show and its 4th season, the best so far for me.

When you think they've given you something extraordinary, they surpass theirselves every week. After the great "Birth of The Joker" finale in episode 18, we get a great first look of what Jeremiah has in store in "That Old Corpse".

Tonight, "One Bad Day" gets it to the next level and gives us the Killing Joke episode of the series, an episode with so much emotion, so much action (without having people necessarily running and shooting) and Cameron Monaghan's absolutely brilliant performance as Jeremiah.

The ending shocked me, even though my comic book knowledge made me feel a little bit safe.

Gotham is the best DC TV Show and the least it deserves is a renewal, because the best is yet to come. I'm absolutely certain that the season finale episode "No Man's Land" will blow everyone away!
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