The unbearable James Cordon
28 February 2018
I have never written a review on IMDB, until now! The main reason being, because of the irritating, fake, childish, and unfunny James Cordon. This is definitely a programme for people who have a dreadful sense of humour; the type of person who would find cancer funny.

I am absolutely dumbfounded at how exactly this overweight, talentless fool ever made it in America, but I suppose it has something to do with today's society.

Cordon reminds me of the boy at school, who craves attention, and will do pretty much anything to gain a cheap laugh. He's an irritating fatty who possesses an unbearable, yet confident grin. And don't get me started on that Carpool Karaoke...repetitive, overused, childish, and plain boring.

Whenever the talentless blob appears on tv, I immediately change channel. That's as much as he deserves.
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