Blackway (2015)
Really good proformaces. Decently made movie.
24 February 2018
I've seen this at least a few times now, I get this film once and a while from my library, it's really good.

I'm not saying that it's anything too special but it's quite good none the less. The title I found it under was called "Blackway" the name of the main villain that Ray Liotta plays in the film. I'm surprised that the title was changed from "Go with me" because I thought only the book it's based on was called that, plus I thought it went into production under the title "Logging" since the character Anthony Hopkins plays works at a logging yard.

About the story, it's your typical evil sheriff that has the whole town scared of him, that has his hands into everything illegal type, but I feel that it's done at least a little fresh in this. Also the three heroes of the film, Anthony, the kid who plays Nathan and Julia Styles character go after looking for Blackway, to his illegal businesses and finally to his home to kill him. The action scenes are minimal at best since this is a thriller, but the running time is short enough that the action is satisfying to watch.

It's a simple story really, the reason our heroes go after Blackway is they have crossed paths with him and he has ruined their lives to some existent, I won't go into spoilers because I feel you should experience it for yourself.

On to the acting, the acting is quite good here, Ray Liotta is a good villain as usual, lately he has been in some stupid films and TV shows but I'm at least glad to see him in something decent for a change. Julia Styles is good as well, and she plays Lillian, Blackway's latest victim. I haven't seen her in very much, I have just recently seen her in "Save the Last Dace" which wasn't too bad. Anthony Hopkins plays the lead character Lester, honestly he is always great in a lot of films he is in, including this one. This is basically the latest film I've seen him in, I have recently seen him in the latest "Transformers" film which was at least better than it's predecessor, but honestly I could care less for that franchise, in the best way. The kid who plays Nathan, I'm sorry I don't know him, but he was good. I think I've seen him in "The Final Girls" if it's who I'm thinking about, the movie was alright and his performance was OK.

Overall a decently made thriller that is quite re-watchable. I give it 6/10. Sure it's flawed but what movie isn't, check it out.
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