Where do they find these hosts for late night???
5 September 2017
I used to enjoy watching Craig Ferguson and Conan. They weren't the top dogs on their channels, but they could hold your interest after the earlier shows. They were sometimes low-budget, potty-humor, fly- by-night comics, but they were genuinely funny. They seem like real guys, and they found corny and cheap gimmicks and turned them into gold on many occasions. Craig's conversations with a gay robot and that creepy music for Secretariat. So stupid, but somehow it worked. Craig was talented and silly enough to pull it off. It was different and underrated in many ways, and he truly made you laugh. I've sit up a few times with friends or relatives to watch this show, and I just can't get into it. This guy seems like the WORST choice ever to follow up. He seems like some pot-bellied dork with a silly accent(even though Craig had one LOL), wearing clothes that are too small, with a tone of voice that sounds like someone's little sister. He sounds like a child, and hardly any segments make me laugh. Where do they even find these dudes??? I don't know why they thought he would connect with the average American guy. Craig had me in stitches, but this guy reminds me of watching PBS. Who's butt is this Corden guy kissing to get all this attention???
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