Review of Blackway

Blackway (2015)
Avenging a Murdered Pussy
30 January 2017
'Blackway' is a dismal waste-of-time, frittering away the talents of a decent cast on a routine revenge tale. Its story is as threadbare as an old dishrag, the direction dull, the dialog lifeless, the performances wooden and the cinematography colorless. Apart from a paycheck, it's hard to imagine what drew any of the participants to this mundane material, with no sign the actors and director were doing anything more than going through the motions.

The plot of this contemporary Western is pitifully weak. The villain is revealed as a killer of domestic cats and would-be rapist within the first five minutes, and the rest of the film depicts three misfits searching for this bully-boy crime baron among the local lumberjack community. There's minimal character development as the oddball posse pursues their prey around the overcast mountain landscape in a rusting pick-up. From time to time their inquiries result in tired scuffles, until the film eventually sputters up to a night-time showdown at the bad guy's forest hideaway. After the adversaries go through their ho-hum appointment with destiny, another dank day dawns.
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