Blackway (2015)
Blackway was an amazing independent film that will only gain respect the more who see it
6 June 2016
I was invited to the Gala Premiere in Enderby Bc Canada and viewed this excellent movie at the Starlight drive inn. It was a very captivating riveting movie.It takes a day or 2 out of someones life as they deal with a horrible criminal the way we all should.Just deal with it and move on. I loved this movie,I watched them film it and then to see it on the big screen is absolutely awesome. The whole of the movie is a 10 out of 10 for me :-). Mr Hopkins was his usual perfect character giving us a flawless performance. Ray Liotta was as scary as ever in a very convincing role as a psychotic ruthless gangster and Julia Stiles plays her part to a t following along Mr Hopkins as he takes charge of the whole situation. Thank you Rick Dugdale from Enderby Entertainment Group for producing it and keeping things in our local area!
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