This Lev Kulidjanov film is the best 'Crime and Punishment' adaptation for cinema.
15 January 2016
Russian literature continues to be celebrated as well as read in large numbers as it has always provided a fertile ground as well as ample opportunities to different filmmakers in order to make serious films which reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the human mind. There is hardly any educated person who has not books by great Russian writers such as Chekov, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy and Turgenev. Most talented directors working in the field of cinema have also adapted Russian novels for their films. The continual filming of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's classic novel 'Crime and Punishment' by directors from major film making nations is a proof of this trend. According to a rough estimate more than 40 film adaptations of 'Crime and Punishment' have been made since 1909. However, this particular film is considered the best rendition of Dostoyevsky's existential ideas due to its professional filmmaking techniques coupled with humane as well as sensible assimilation of all of this novel's major ideas in an ingenious screenplay for which director Lev Kulidzhanov collaborated with Nikolai Figurosky. Both as a film as well as a novel 'Crime and punishment' is extremely relevant to the humanity in the troubled times in which we are living especially if one were to consider 'money' as the root cause of all human suffering. Human suffering has not changed at all as even in the times depicted in the film innocent souls like Raskolnikov and Sonia had to suffer immensely as they lead lives of poverty. The eccentricities of human nature have also been vividly portrayed in this film as each character exhibits a peculiar form of behavior which might not be compatible with that of another character. Apart from being a virulent critique of money, 'crime and punishment' strongly presents the idea that for every crime there is bound to be a punishment. There is hardly any crime for which no punishment is given. All crimes carry punishments with them. This is the message which viewers of this film have to take regardless of their liking for it or not.
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