Of course we love the coopers
5 January 2016
This was the best Christmas movie I've ever seen. A movie with a great cast. It had it all comedy, drama, Christmas spirit and an "openminded" set. I could relate to the characters in the movie which pulled me further into the story. The way the characters were introduced was neither time wasted nor boring, but had great detail that could easily be analyzed. Further more the audience get to know the characters overtime. The movie covers family support in light of the Christmas spirit, a cliché? Yes! but the execution of the movie was done in a remarkable way such that it was entertaining and fills you with laughter, love and more. The songs used during the movie were impeccable. They harnessed the Christmas spirit and directed it to the audience. I highly recommend this movie, It's a must watch during the holidays. It was a realistic movie and shows that "all families are imperfectly perfect" Thank you,
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