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Halt and Catch Fire: I/O (2014)
Season 1, Episode 1
Interesting, smart and well acted.
26 December 2015
The pilot of "Halt And Catch Fire" brings together the characters, who we will be seeing throughout the show. We first meet Joe MacMillan, someone who really wants to make a cheaper Computer and challenge IBM with it. Therefor he has to assemble a team. Joe first goes to a man named Gordon. Then he goes to Cameron. She is a very talented with computers and codes. In this episode we see them come together and we get to see how they are as a person.

The directing of the pilot was good. So was the filming of it. Nothing to special, my inly really complain with this was that there were some times things a bit shaky (when the camera started to shake). And I don't really like when that happens in a movie or series, but for the rest everything was fine. The thing that I liked was the filter they chose. It made everything look more old. Something else that I liked was the realistic portraying of the computers and electronics overall. I am no technicus but it sounded very accurate. Something like in "Mr Robot" (a terrific show). The clothing choices were well as well. They also looked like they were from the eighties.

The acting was the thing that stood out the most. Just like the script. But first the acting. Lee Pace plays Joe MacMillian. He is a hard-driving former IBM sales executive. And a Douchbag. This is already established in the first scene. When he hits an armadillo and looks like he doesn't even care. Also further on in this episode he does something to Cameron, which I am not going to spoil. He acted very well, I haven't seen a lot of Lee Paces movies so I can't really compare, but he was good. The next actor I am going to talk about is Scoot McNairy he was Gordon. They also made showed us his character well. He is a man who isn't happy with the job he has right now so he really wants to help Lee Paces character. I very much like his performance. And now my favorite character, for now at least, is Cameron. She was played by Mackenzie Davis. The first shot that I saw her come in to the classroom I liked her already. She is more someone who can't find a place to fit in but still doesn't want to change herself to fit in. Cameron is very smart to, and it was really convincing. I have previously seen Davis act in "The Martian" where she had a role you could compare with this one, but the characters were completely different. And that really shows her acting talents.

As I have said the writing of this episode was very good. I liked everything they said. It was never boring. Some lines were very interesting to here. It was cool to listen to them talking about computers. There were also some funny moments added in, they weren't hilarious or something, but funny enough to work. These jokes didn't take away the serious tone, though.

I very much liked this pilot episode, and I will certainly enjoy watching the rest of the season.
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