What If.
20 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
With Christmas coming up I started looking round for X-Mas movies to view.Checking a pile of DVDs,I spotted a rarely mentioned adaptation of A Christmas Carol which I had picked up from Choices Video Rental shop just before it closed 5 years ago!,which led to me deciding that it was finally time to hear this Christmas Carol.

The plot-

Visiting the US,Charles Dickens starts to read one of his most famous stories:

Seeing the head doctor who works at her hospital be taken to "debt" jail,nurse Belle decides that the only thing she can do to save the hospital is to write to bank manager (and her former fiancé) Scrooge and ask him to give them time to pay the debt.Visiting the bank,Belle finds no sign of Scrooge so gives the letter to Bob Cratchit,who ends up forgetting about it.

Entering the bank furious over Christmas day arriving,Scrooge and Cractchit work in silence,with the only sound coming from mice who make sure that Scrooge takes the letter home.Heading home,Scrooge is horrified to be met by the sight of his dead working partner Marley,who tells Scrooge that he will be met by three ghosts who will teach him the meaning of Christmas.

View on the film:

Supplying a sweet song for the soundtrack,Kate Winslet (whose sister Beth also appears) gives a good performance as Belle,with Winslet's soft voice making Belle's humble roots shine.Joining Winslet, Nicolas Cage gives the film a touch of wild horror as Marley,whilst Simon Callow joyfully grumbles as Scrooge and Michael Gambon gives the title a touch of class as the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Taking a slightly different direction in their adaptation,the screenplay by Piet Kroon & Robert Llewellyn open up the events in Scrooge's childhood which led to him being filled with "bar humbugs." Although this does allow Scrooge to appear more human,it also stops the central melodrama threads from heating up, thanks to the additional flashbacks making the present Scrooge look surprisingly mild mannered.Giving a glimpse at what the rest of the film should have been with a delicate kaleidoscope fly across London,director Jimmy T. Murakami disappointingly keeps the animation style blunt,which leads to all of the main characters being unable to display the dramatic levels of emotion that the story deserves.

Final view on the film:

A film which does not offer a full glass of Christmas cheer.
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