The Crow (1994)
American director Alex Proyas' film 'The Crow' continues to enjoy its cult film status.
17 December 2015
'The Crow' was American actor Brandon Lee's last film where has left indelible marks on all scenes in which he has featured. There are numerous reasons which might have compelled director Alex Proyas to choose 'The Crow' as a bird who helps a man avenge senseless killings. One should note that the crow symbolizes the perfect harmony between a bird and a human to wage a war against injustices. A crow is the best spirit animal associated with life's mysteries and magic. Apart from beautifully choreographed action scenes, it has a strong revenge story with ample scope for drama. In one of the major subplots, viewers are able to watch how a neglected child is able to get happiness when her mother realizes the mistakes she made by ignoring her. The cult film status accorded to American director Alex Proyas' film 'The Crow' is justified by all means. In 1994, at the time of its release it was hailed as both box office success as well as many critics' favorite film.It is no wonder that there is hardly any director who has artistic abilities to direct a sensible remake of 'The Crow'.This information should be taken into account to measure the overall success of the film 'The Crow'
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