Only decent episode was from "Tommy's House"
29 September 2015
All I can add to the negatives is my observations of how Corden acts at the end of the show. He seems to shut down, almost like he wants to RUN from the studio and the silly, overpumped audience. I hope he turns down the CBS offer to prolong the pain/extend his contract. He's a talented person and the like the title says, "Tommys House" (with Beck and Jeff Goldblum) was the only enjoyable episode so far. BUT HEH, maybe I'm just a grouch. After 3 weeks, I find Colbert insufferably boring. It's like it's ALL about him the host and NOT about the guests. (his mic is louder, they get to say very little/he talks over the guests to the point of rudeness..

Fallon has late night locked up. CBS just doesn't "get it".

Reminds me of THE WORST of TV...Like "Small Wonder" from the 1980's OR "The Pat Sajak Show".
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