Orange Is the New Black (2013–2019)
Season 3 FAIL!
1 July 2015
Tell me this series isn't "jumping the shark" already! BORING!!! I loved the first 2 seasons, but I'm forcing myself to finish season 3. Did the writers give up? Main characters are gone, plot lines are non-existent and stupid! What happened and who said wow this season 3 is good stuff? It's like a 15 year old kid wrote this season. This season was pushed out without any heart behind it! A COMPLETE Disappointment!!! Writers re-watch season 1-2 and learn from your mistakes! What a waste of a season! You better hope it doesn't get canceled because of this pile of dung! All these great actors and actress and this is all you can come up with! Panty sniffing business and a dirty book by Crazy Eyes! Lame! There is nothing compelling about any of these story lines! Get a handle on this for season 4! You owe the fans big time!!!
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