Nuclear Hurricane (2007 TV Movie)
Entertaining and pacey
11 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Not quite as bad as I expected, because the basic theme, of computer security mechanisms locking out the legitimate user having unintended consequences is a real, ever-present threat in our everyday lives, affecting everything from internet banking to software licensing. Because computers can never be programmed to deal reasonably with unforeseen circumstances, there needs to be recourse to a human authority to overrule them.

This film imagines that such a situation arises in the control of nuclear power and a hurricane prevents human intervention by those in authority. Seeing how the people involved deal with the situation is inherently interesting, because it involves issues of just what levels of power should computers be given over people at different levels of authority.

The film tries to juxtaposition personal relationships with corporate hierarchy; worker rivalry against the common the struggle against nature. It is pacey and entertaining, but the development of the premise is a bit superficial, diluting it by making the the cause of the computer behaviour the crazily inept programming by one of the characters, rather than the struggle of workers to exercise the powers they need when their jobs unexpectedly demand that they take on great responsibilities.

Made in 2007, this film holds up well as the theme is just as relevant today.
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