Cheers: The Bartender's Tale (1985)
Season 3, Episode 23
The Bartender's Tale (#3.23)
12 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Sam now needs to find a replacement for Diane. He goes through waitresses and Carla picks one that is perfect. She is a career waitress and great at the job. At the same time she is not hot so Sam won't date her. But one day her daughter comes to the bar and Sam wants to date her. He asks permission but the waitress thinks he has hots for her and he has to find a way to end this confusion.

A pretty fun story. First I didn't like it too much as it seemed to be against older women, but when they made the character so incredibly passionate that men died from it I found it hilarious.

We also saw a bit about Frasier and Diane in Europe and his mistake in the tips was another great joke.
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