Me and the Girls (1985 TV Movie)
Try To Remember
31 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've been working my way through a 7-disc set of Noel Coward plays and short stories adapted for and transmitted by(mostly) the BBC and I saved disc 6 for the last because I remembered how impressed I was by Tom Courtney's outstanding performance in Me And The Girls, and, having watched the other six discs I was ready to award Me And The Girls the best thing in the set but then I watched the other two short stories adapted for TV on the same disc and conclude that disc 6 is THE disc in the set. Me And The Girls is the first playlet and my memory had not played me false; Tom Courtney is Magnificent as George, a gay song and dance man looking back over his life as he lies in a Swiss hospital bed suffering from terminal cancer. Because of the setting, the time-frame (1938) and George's job - he is touring with a group of girls in Switzerland - there are echoes of Robert E. Sherwood's Idiot's Delight at the outset but only briefly. I've never been a particular fan of Tom Courtney but this is light years ahead of anything in which I have seen him on stage or screen and his performance complements perfectly Coward's exceptional writing. A real gem.
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