Wagon Train: The Daniel Clay Story (1962)
Season 5, Episode 21
Maximum Claude
26 August 2013
One of my favorite and best remembered Wagon Train episodes starred Claude Rains as a Javert like judge who is traveling west to accept a new judicial assignment with wife Frances Reid and young wet behind the ears son Peter Helm. Rains has a reputation of dealing out maximum sentences to bring and law and order to the untamed west. You do that inevitably you make enemies.

Rains is a strict father and is training Helm in the law. A few lessons on the facts of life should have been given to Helm also because he gets himself in quite a jackpot with Maggie Pierce 'sister' of Fred Beir who's been putting the needle to Rains ever since he joined the Wagon Train.

In the end it's John McIntire with a bit of an illegal search and seizure who finds the real truth. Today what McIntire did would be thrown out of court.

Claude Rains was never bad in anything and he's wonderful as the maximum sentencing judge who learns a little mercy on the Wagon Train.
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