Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012 TV Movie)
A consistently dreadful movie
26 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A previous reviewer said the movie was historically accurate; not so, I fear. One would think "AY CARMELA" was only song the Republicans had during the Spanish Civil War (had the producers never heard of "NO PASARAN!"?, and the version of this song played ad nauseam in the film was not in existence in '36 when the movie begins.

And then there's the whole cartoonish nonsense of the couple's meeting for tea (and chocolate!) with the Chiang Kai Sheks (portrayed in the sort of Leftist propaganda style we've become accustomed to) and then a heart-to-heart meeting with Zhou en-lai (naturally portrayed as a "nice, sincere guy") via some Communist underground hocus pocus. There is no evidence any of this took place.

One wonders if the second Mrs. Hemingway was hypocritical enough to play the "good Catholic" when she herself had committed adultery with Hemingway when he was still married to wife number one, one of her friends.

But I am glad to have seen Hemingway portrayed as he was: a bully, egotist, and swine to women in particular.
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