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Cheers (1982–1993)
Why Cheers Is Still the Very Best Sitcom Ever
30 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Cheers did something masterful that I have never seen another show do so well. It was able to capture an honesty and plumb the emotional depths from laughter to heartfelt tears with the precision of a master artist.

There are so many examples of this greatness, from Diane trying out for the Boston Ballet, only to say "Nevermind", but then look back as her dream slips away.

To the episode where Diane finally leaves Cheers for good, thinking to herself she is only leaving for six months, and Sam saying quietly, "Have a nice life." He knows she has to take her shot, it's truly selfless, add to that the scenes of possible futures growing old together, and it's enough to make the hardest heart crack.

The show brought up incredibly meaningful and real issues, timeless and touching, stirring the depths of the human condition, with humor, and alacrity so soft and human as to make it's nuance linger long after the credits roll, and the theme song has vanished from the ear... it continues on in the mind.

Cheers in my opinion is the best sitcom ever made, I think MASH comes in a close second, and there have been other shows I love dearly for many reasons, Get Smart, Fawlty Towers, and others I am sure, but Cheers was simply beautiful.

As a kid I watched Cheers when it first aired and I enjoyed it, but never returned to the series until recently, 30 years later... and I glean so much more now, and have been nothing but impressed with the writing, the humanity, the chemistry, the joy of the cast working together, and the opportunity to really say something.

I hope others always enjoy and appreciate this show, because it does have it's laughs, it's tears, and it's memories, but it also has it's lessons, it's losses, and it's inspiration.

The show deserves nothing less than a 9, but I gave it a 10, because it touched me deeply, and that cannot be ignored.
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