Rock of Ages (2012)
A Reason for Avoiding Musicals
15 June 2012
Okay, I'll give credit where it's due. Tom Cruise did a great job of portraying an aging rock star, albeit over the top. And, of course, his ability to take on the actual signing, on relatively short notice, was impressive. And that's my point: take him out of the film and you have a big fat nothing.

To me, it was simply a collection of well-choreographed music videos held loosely together by one of the weakest screenplays I've experienced in a long time. When one looks back at past musicals of note (Chicago, for example), this one was lacking in any sense of accomplishment. Yes, I know, it wasn't to be taken seriously - how could it be? I'd like to say that it was, at least, worth it to see Zeta-Jones back in form. I am, however, convinced that this was, without a doubt her all time worst performance in a film. What was she thinking when she accepted the totally ridiculous role as the L.A. mayor's inhibited, self-denying wife? It just wants to make you cringe to think that such a talented actress would subject herself to such humiliation. Maybe I just didn't get it.

Without resorting to details, the scene between Baldwin and Brand's characters (anyone whose seem the film knows which one) was unsettling and absurd. It didn't affect me personally, but it just didn't seem right or appropriate.

I've never been a fan of watching characters in a film break out into spontaneous song in the middle of even a mildly dramatic scene. It always grabs me the wrong way. Thank the gods that it doesn't happen in real life.

In the end, if you're in to musicals you'll probably like this one. If not, like me, you've likely suffered through it for someone else's benefit. But hey, we all have to do that at some point. Like I said to my better half: You owe me big time for this one.
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