See it for the visuals, not for the story
7 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Plot: Warrior princess Snow White takes on the wicked queen with a little help from people she barely knows. Drive-in Rating: Yield right of way.

Just to get it out of the way, I don't understand the appeal of Kristen Stewart as an actress. She always has the look of a stuck up brat to me. There, done with the casting critique.

The movie was visually stunning and Charlize Theron made for a truly wicked-good Queen. Chris Hemsworth was compelling (in a vacuum) and the dwarfs (casting controversy aside) were engaging. I love that the writers know their fairy tales enough to remember what properly lives under a bridge!

...but I didn't find myself rooting for the entitled heroine or her comrades. The story idea was good enough but the writers tried to pack so many concepts into 127 minutes that they forgot a little character and conflict development. Even the most compelling scenes, the final kiss for example, left much to be desired (I'm not spoiling anything by telling you there's a kiss, it's a well-known plot point in the fairy tale). In addition, there were some unacceptable leaps in logic (for example, what compelled the Queen's brother to tell the Huntsman the truth about his wife?).

And finally, is there an award for the least compelling title of the year? "Fairest Blood" immediately comes to mind as a reasonable alternative.

If you pay to see this in the theater, make sure it's because you want to see the visuals on the big screen.
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