Exploring the Reef (2003 Video)
Funniest bonus DVD feature ever... declared!!!
21 May 2012
DVD bonus features never really draw me in. They usually range from reasonable to dodgy to downright awful. In came the 2-disc collector's edition of Finding Nemo, and 'Exploring the Reef', a bonus feature discussing (well, trying to, anyway) the coral and how it has been damaged, on the second disc. It stars French explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau and Marlin, Nemo and Dory from the feature film. It is educational... well, half of the time, anyway... but I'm happy to report that this isn't just one of those bonus features.

In this bonus feature, Jean-Michel is doing his best to talk about coral reefs, but is constantly being interrupted by Marlin, Nemo and especially Dory. Most of the time, they are complaining that algae living inside a coral is creepy. Jean-Michel constantly speaks in French when he gets annoyed, some weird orchestral music is played any time he says his own name and there is even one moment when a title card appears saying 'Please stand by', with that relaxing music you usually hear during these moments.

Dory is easily the funniest character in this documentary film. The only reason I didn't consider it perfect was that I didn't consider Nemo to be that... you know... great. But it's not a problem.

It's educational, it's hilarious, it's got everything. In conclusion, it's easily the best ever bonus feature I've ever watched.
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