Serbian Scars (2009)
probably the WORST movie EVER since the first camera was made
12 February 2012
OK people that gave 10 stars to this,are either bought by Vladimir(who!!!??)Rajcic or they are blind,and they are supporting their home boy.Movie is awful in every sense:script,acting,camera work,effects,soundtrack,cast in general.This were the worse hour and a half of my life spent,that no one will ever give me back.This movie was recommended by my Serbian friend who thinks the same of this film and he want it to see my reaction.I reacted like an epileptic after "grand mal".Aren't they speaking Serbian back home,why Mark Dacascos and Michael Madsen didn't read the script?This is unacceptable for intelligent man to be in this involved.And the Serbian newspapers say that Quentin Tarantino loved this movie,are you serious?I need to watch now some cheap Honk Kong movie to flash it out of my system.Peace out folks.
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