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Glee (2009–2015)
Embarrassing to watch, don't you get that??
2 August 2010
This show is just plain awful,god awful. Its forced way too much, completely unrealistic. The characters and their interactions are plain fake and unrealistic. The dialog? It makes you wonder whether its a comedy or a drama,writers please make up your mind.

When the students break out into song,nearly every 5 minutes,it gives me goosebumps and makes me cringe,especially if there's someone else watching. I have to leave the room. I cant believe what I'm watching really. From my recollection,there was and episode in which the main lead character proves his love for his lady friend, while Sugababes "About you now" is playing,we're suppose to assume that this loves is going to last forever,and that were really suppose to like this guy for doing it. Thats OK. Next episode, nearly 5 minutes into it,he cheats on her straight away with another woman. And it has a comedic element to it?! what the hell? WHY the hell would he do that? and we're still suppose to like this guy? so basically the ending of the last episode lied to us? their love wasn't pure at all? everything seems very forced, and fake, and proves this by throwing away what happened in the garbage and forgetting about it in the next episode. Makes you think, "do I really care??"

This show is all over the place,i don't know how anyone can watch it. This is a craze TV show, and its right up there with Twilight. Hopefully this will be forgotten about in 5 years when the shows ended.
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