Serbian Scars (2009)
awful movie
27 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
bad acting, bad casting, bad script it's so bad, it's almost laughable

the scene with Dreq at the end says it all: you can't smoke but that doesn't mean you can fire a gun... even so shooting the scientist before you know the formula definitely works is a bit STUPID. I'm sorry i am just gonna post things like they pop up in my brain, they're just too many of them to put them in the correct order.

A Hawaiian guy posing as a Serb? And what is that attack on the compound with only two men dressed like they are going to the beach? Later the female agent shoots two guards with just two hand guns? And those explosions? What did they use, fire crackers? At the end they are threatened to be killed by the traitor but why didn't he shoot them on the spot? And why did Dreq let Alex live? He is a big murderer so what is one more dead person? Driving a bus with Serbian destinations on it in a Albanian-populated country. Or if it was the north then there wouldn't be Albanians with white hats in the bus. Anyway I have a lot more comments but I'm no story writer so ...
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