Serbian Scars (2009)
As bad as it gets
31 March 2010
I have to say this must be the worst film I have seen. Its full of complete nonsense. Stupid story, bad acting, I mean really bad. Worse than Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal together. Few historical mistakes, quite strange having in mind a Serb wrote it. I think a monkey could've done a better job writing this. Music, photography bad as well. You really can't find one bright thing about this film. Well, perhaps two good looking chicks, but that's it. I have no idea why did Michael Madsen and Sergej Trifunovic agree to do this. It is so below their level. Pedja The Boy as evil scientist, well, that was a laugh. Lead actor with constipated face throughout the entire film, funny as well. Skip this title even if they pay you to see it. The only fun you'll get from it is laughing at how bad it is.
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