Review of Serbian Scars

Serbian Scars (2009)
Complete nonsense
29 March 2010
Serbs talking English to each other? Never happened. Maybe in case they are second generation immigrants in English speaking countries but never in Serbia and never if their first language is their mother tongue Serbian. Why would a father speak foreign language while talking to his child in their native country? Any example of that in the history of mankind? Why this crap now?

Muslim girl name Suzana? Her mother asking her not to betray her own country and her religion although they are in Belgrade, Serbia???

And the writer of this script is a Serb from Serbia? Was there any research on this or just a bunch of "bla bla bla" placed on a paper?

Dr. Zlatan? What kind of last name is that? Or is he going to be known as the one with two first names? :)

And this actor/screenwriter is not a convincing actor at all. He looks all the time like his stomach hearts. And that raised eyebrow all the time? Crappy acting.

Not even Michael Madsen is convincing.

The name Rastko is misspelled as Ratsko during the first lines. Huge mistake and without respect to that person.

And BTW Steve Agnew needs a manicure. :)

What else? Bad job, simple as that. Rubbish... :(

The movie got a 2 from me only for some good shots and for some good music moments. Otherwise a zero. This team should never ever again torture people with this kind of movies.
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