Serbian Scars (2009)
Bad, Awful, Terrible!!!
16 March 2010
As a Serbian I found this "film" to be nauseatingly BAD!!! Actually, to call this film "bad" would be a total complement as I feel mentally scared after watching it! I think it takes a rare and special kind of talent to make a film this awful! Every aspect of this "film" is complete and utter trash! An 8-year old with ADHD could have written a better storyline!

Who was the brain surgeon that cast a Hawaiian guy to play a Serb? Or a blond bimbo with hot pants & high heels to play a terrorist in Kosovo? The acting is so nasty that you have to cringe. Words cannot adequately describe the pile of faeces this "film" is! It should be outlawed under the Geneva convention as it could be used as "enhanced interrogation" by the US military. If you are forced to watch this garbage, make sure you bring a bag to vomit in and a sharp knife to poke out your eyes!

I cannot believe that there are so many positive reviews on this site! These people are obviously being paid or have some kind of connection to the film.
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