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2012 (I) (2009)
About as Absurd as you would expect
18 November 2009
I knew this film wasn't going to go down as some sort of Classic, or Best Picture winner. Look at the director, all he does are crazy action movies. So going in I knew what to expect and it delivered on most levels. The only real problem I had was how it got all drawn out and preachy near the end, I was like COME ON, get over yourselves. So they could've easily shaved off 10 minutes to this already long film and in the process made it way better.

Its really a very ridiculous movie but the special effects are enjoyable and both John Cusack and Amanda Peet are capable actors so even if you find the other subplots unbearable (which some of them almost are) you will still like them. The action sequences did make this worth watching on the big screen, big explosions, earthquakes, tsunamis and so forth are trippy. Just don't go in expecting a bearable plot or highly intellectual dialogue. There are about 10 blatantly obvious plot holes but who cares.

I'd say this film is slightly better than most of the crap showing in cinemas currently.
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