Serbian Scars (2009)
Good Film, good job
1 November 2009
I saw the film first time in Serbian theaters now I am here now in US with my sister visiting our family so I told them about the film. They went last night after the dinner to see the film, this morning in our house we talk only about this film. My other family members are here also today and they want to go to see the film with my sister which can't stop to talk about this film. Her favor actors are now Vladimir Rajcic and Michael Madsen. So I can easy tell that film is very good, I love the films where we talk about after we see the film and this film is one of those. This film keeps you focus and give you special feeling. Something is about the characters they are very special. I really would like to see this film to go to the top. You can't find this days good film that easy and I believe that this film is one of those good films that will be on the top. I was reading in the news papers that film is going to enter the Globes and Oscar so hope to see this film on the top I know that my family and friends are going crazy about the film. Very nice, well done job.
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