Serbian Scars (2009)
Film is going for GOLDEN GLOBES and the Oscar
1 November 2009
I was on red carpet the other night, I took pictures with Michael Madsen, Vladimir Rajcic and Brent Huff. Very nice people, but the best part was seeing the film. I love Vladimir Rajcic's character Alex Obilich and his girlfriend Suzana great love between this two. Vladimir Rajcic is the best Serbian-American actor for me starting that night, this guy knows what he is doing, and now Michael Madsen I love him, he did great job in the film. Brent Huff thanks man for great film. Music I need to know where I can buy CD music from the film. Music is so good. Colors in the film are so great that every person just can't believe how great job DP did, his name is Rudy Harbon. My scene in the film is Piano scene with good film I just can't stop talking about.
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