Time and Again (2004 Video)
Entertaining, intelligent movie
10 April 2009
A film from an independent movie producer really has to excel in plot, acting and production values to be taken seriously, but surprisingly, this film is successful in all three departments. Brian Ireland is convincing as Bobby Jones and gives a powerful performance - it is a pity that this film appears to be his only acting role, because he clearly has a talent which is worth pursuing. Similarly, Bob Darby gives an authentic portrayal as Sheriff Karl, but he has not acted before or since - do these people not want to act in more movies? The cinematography is very stylish and professional, and overall the film works - you don't want to tear yourself away and want to know what happens next. The reconstruction of 1950's America is very thorough, though perhaps a bit too neat and tidy to be totally convincing. The plot involved a miscarriage of justice which I found difficult to accept as entirely plausible, but overall the plot is intelligent, original and complete. Overall a satisfying movie which has the advantage of being only an hour long.
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