Review of Le Trou

Le Trou (1960)
This is what an escape film should be like
26 October 2008
This is an excellent example of what a prison escape film (and it can be applied to almost any genre) should be like.

The plot is simple- a sympathetic young man is moved around to a new cell within a prison due to repair works. There he meets four men who after getting to know and trust him, introduce him to their plan- escape.

What I like most about this film is that there is no "bs". Instead, everything is very down to earth and always relating to the escape. There are no useless and annoying subplots, there is no dramatization (no music in the entire film), the characters don't get unrealistically emotional and instead everybody works rationally towards a common goal. The details of the escape are shown in full with no details of it being left on the editing room floor. Being able to see every detail of the escape made the film very realistic in my opinion and thereby a pleasure to watch.

This film is about a prison escape, not drama or emotions. If only more films were like this.
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