Killer's Kiss (1955)
You can type it, but you can't speak it ...
21 July 2008
Although I prefer Stanley Kubrick's earlier films to his later ones, I can't help noticing that hardly anyone has remarked upon the dialogue and narration in Killer's Kiss, and how cripplingly bad they are. Even allowing for the limitations of amateur and semi-professional actors, and the fact that every word was dubbed in post-production, each stilted and leaden line just lies there and dies there. As Harrison Ford said to George Lucas about the script for Star Wars, "You can type this stuff, but actors can't speak it". It's amazing that only a year later Kubrick's best film, The Killing, crackled and fizzed with sheer verbal electricity. Killer's Kiss is for die-hard Kubrick fans only, I think - just like Eyes Wide Shut ...
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