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Ben 10 (2005–2008)
Goodbye 10-year old Tennyson, It's been a good two years.
30 June 2008
Two very short but good years. 'Ben 10' is a good show for kids, and I'm proud to say I like it. It is somehow different from the other TV shows, like Totally Spies and Teen Titans. Well, actually, I can point out some similarities between Teen Titans and Ben 10. It's about a boy who has a alien watch that can change him into 10 different aliens. No matter how lame it is , it's pretty smart for a kid's TV show. I think the animation are occasionally good and pretty flashy, but not always. The character design could be better. Much better, the character could not be any shallower, and sometimes it's very, very predictable, especially the dialogue. It deserves more credit than it is given, because it's way better than the other shows. It's moderately successful, but completely satisfying. Cartoon Network was once a good channel, but now it has shows that are just plain bad and makes you disgusted that someone has come up with the idea to make it. Not this show. Sure, it's not as brainy as The X files, but it does well compared to the other shows playing on Cartoon Network. For some people, Ben 10 is a slow paced, ridiculous show with forgettable lines and an uninteresting storyline. But for others, it is a excellent show that is exiting and funny at the same time. The TV movies are pretty bad, even for a TV movie, but the spin-off show, Ben 10 Alien force is just as good, getting better and better with each episode it progresses. Thank you 'Ben 10' creators, for bringing a good, decent show onto Cartoon Network. I give it a 8/10, but not worth to but the DVD.
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