A New Kind of Family (1979–1980)
I would have LOVED to have seen this show...!
9 May 2008
Being a big fan of Janet Jackson, I was surprised when I found out she did a show between Good Times and Diff'rent Strokes. And I was further surprised that Rob Lowe, Laurie Hendler and Telma Hopkins (Laurie and Telma would go on to co-star on Gimmie A Break) were in it as well. I don't know if there are any tapes of the show floating around somewhere, but I would love to see the episodes that aired.

As a footnote, how dare the first reviewer give Janet's credits as "Good Times" and "Superbowl halftime show with Justin Timberlake!" She is an iconic artist who has achieved a multitude of things in her career, and SO doesn't deserve that kind of a label.
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