Free Willy (1993)
i expected something more,but young kids will probably like it
15 November 2007
i kinda expected something else.what,i'm not sure.i mean the movie is well made and all,but i found it dangerously close to being boring at is pretty slow.the scenes with the whale(s)were nice though.and the there are some pretty touching moments.i didn't find the movie had a lot of realism to it though.the way some of the things happened just didn't ring true.but,i guess the biggest problem i had was there wasn't really much sense of adventure,and the movie isn't really fun.however,if you are looking for a movie the whole family can watch,this might be it.most kids will probably be entertained,and adults will be happy there is something their kids can watch.but for me,Free Willy is a 4/10.
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