Repugnant, unwatchable film leaves viewers with bad taste in their mouths
24 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen a fair number of movies with unpleasant subject matter and repellent characters, but I have never despised any film as much as this one. I think it may be a perverse testament to its impact that even reminding myself " it's only a movie" doesn't help. I've read all the arguments in its favor and seen a TV interview with Wes Craven talking about the impact of the Vietnam war on his direction, and I still cannot think of one positive thing to say about it. I saw it once a few years ago and will never see it again. Even the equally vile I Spit On Your Grave wasn't as disturbing as this. For me, there is not one redeeming feature about this movie...zero. I'm sorry I ever saw it and can only say in conclusion that sometimes sheer curiosity about a movie isn't enough to justify subjecting yourself to it.
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